Requesting an Emergency Appointment

If you have a genuine emergency and need to travel to the United States Immediately, and there are no appointments available, you can request an emergency appointment interview. We will consider granting an emergency appointment only for the following:

  • You have an immediate medical emergency for yourself, or for a child in your care.
  • You have an urgent legal issue that can only be resolved by immediate travel to the US.
  • You are a business person who must attend an urgent meeting.
  • You are travelling on bereavement leave for a spouse, parent, or child.
  • You are a student (F. M, J) whose program start date is less than two weeks away.

You must provide documentation to justify your emergency request.

To request an emergency appointment, first follow the instructions in HOW TO APPLY to schedule a regular appointment. This will include filling out the DS-160 and paying the MRV fee. Once your appointment has been scheduled, if it is too late for urgent travel, you must go back into and request an emergency expedited appointment. Follow the instructions there, which will include how to upload the documents that will support your request.

A consular officer will review your request within one business day and will either approve or deny it. All decisions are final.