U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers Return to Morocco After Two Year Absence

The U.S. Embassy announces the arrival of 51 Peace Corps Volunteers to Morocco, the first such group in two years after a pause in operations due to the pandemic and the largest group of Peace Corps Volunteers in any country worldwide.

The volunteers are aged between 21 and 60 and represent the many aspects of diversity found in the United States.  The new volunteers will spend their first eleven weeks in the Kingdom undergoing intensive language and cultural training in Beni-Mellal/Khenifra region before moving to host towns and villages throughout the country where they will perform volunteer service to promote peace, friendship, and support the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication’s youth development strategy.

This is the Peace Corps’ 59th year of service to the government and people of the Kingdom of Morocco.  Morocco has hosted Peace Corps Volunteers since 1963, making it one of the first countries to do so.  It is one of the most requested service destinations for the volunteers.