U.S. First Lady Jill Biden Visits Marrakech, Engages with Moroccan Youth and Women

Rabat – June 5, 2023, U.S. First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden paid a visit to the city of Marrakech, Morocco, from Saturday, June 3, 2023, to Monday, June 5, 2023.

The visit was part of a six-day trip to the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, with the aim of strengthening partnerships and advancing shared priorities in the region on behalf of the United States.

During her visit, Dr. Biden held several sociocultural engagements focusing on education and the empowerment of youth and women around the world. Dr. Biden was accompanied throughout her various stops by the U.S. Ambassador in Morocco, Puneet Talwar. 

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Dr. Biden visited “Madrasa Ben Youssef,” an iconic historical and educational institution located in the heart of the medina of Marrakech, where she engaged with a group of youth about Moroccan culture and civic engagement. Dr. Biden was greeted by the Minister of Youth, Culture, and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid.

Dr. Biden also visited “Ennakhil Association,” a Moroccan nonprofit organization in Marrakech. During this visit, the First Lady met with the staff and participants of two programs funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

·       The first program was worth $820,000, and aimed to expanded support services for women who have experienced gender-based violence (GBV). This expansion includes the development and launch of a mobile app that enables virtual consultations, as well as the establishment of a solidarity restaurant where women actively participate in vocational training. 

·       The second program involves six cooperatives that have received cash grants through the Cooperative Financing Program. Worth $18 million, the initiative was implemented by GiveDirectly and in partnership with the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH). The program directly supports 1,400 Moroccan cooperatives economically impacted by various shocks, such as COVID-19, climate change, drought, and inflation, helping them revive production, improve livelihoods, and become more resilient.

Monday, June 5, 2023

Dr. Biden visited “Ibn Al Aarif middle school,” which received a funding from the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC), as part of the “Secondary Education Activity” program. Implemented in partnership with Morocco’s Ministry of National Education, and supported as part of the Compact II Agreement, the program benefited 90 public schools in the regions of Marrakech-Safi, Fès-Meknès and Tanger-Tétouan- Al Hoceima.  

During this visit, Dr. Biden met with students, teachers, as well as school staff. The First Lady was impressed with the various capacity-building clubs at the school, including the robotics and life skills clubs.   

Dr. Biden was greeted by the Minister of National Education, of Preschool and Sports, Mr. Chakib Benmoussa, the Wali of the Marrakech-Safi Region, Governor of the Prefecture of Marrakech, Mr. Karim Kassi-Lahlou, the Director General of the MCA-Morocco Agency, Mrs. Malika Laasri, the Director of the Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF) of Marrakech-Safi, Mr. Moulay Ahmed Elkarimi, and the Resident Director of MCC in Morocco, Ms. Carrie Monahan.     Press contact: 

Kaoutar Tbatou, Media Specialist: TbatouK@state.gov  0650886656 

Meryem Tronnebati, Media Specialist: TronnebatiM@state.gov 0666144050