U.S. Charge d’Affaires Stephanie Miley in Taourirt village in Tata province


U.S. Charge d’Affaires Stephanie Miley, Utah National Guard Adjutant General MG Jefferson Burton, MajGen Burke Whitman, and Governor of Tata Hassan Khalil participated in #AfricanLion2017’s Humanitarian Civil Assistance Mission Distinguished Visitor Day on April 23 in Taourirt village in Tata province. Members of the Utah Air National Guard, along with personnel from Arizona and Colorado, and nurses and a nurse practitioner from the U.S. Mission in Morocco partnered with Moroccan Royal Armed Forces (FAR) counterparts to stage medical clinics in six remote villages over six days, providing free basic medical care to approximately 700-1,000 Moroccans each day. Services offered included optometry, dental care, pediatric care, cardiology, gynecology, dermatology, and general medicine. 

In addition to diagnosing patients and providing direct medical care, the healthcare providers collected data that will be used by the Moroccan Ministry of Health to identify health trends as well as resource deficiencies in Tata province. FAR medical officers also briefed on Morocco’s desire to establish a life support training center for African civilian and military medical strike teams capable of providing pre-hospital treatment, basic, and advanced life support to respond to disasters. 

These activities are a clear example of the partnership with the United States and Morocco and how this partnership benefits Americans, Moroccans, and Africa.