Current Issues

The Government of Morocco signed a five-year, $697.5 million Compact with Millennium Challenge Corporation, which seeks to stimulate economic growth by increasing productivity and improving employment in high potential sectors, including investments in fruit tree productivity, small-scale fishers, and artisan crafts.  The Compact will also support small business creation and growth by investments in financial services and enterprise support.  Morocco’s MCC Compact is complex and transformative and will impact approximately 600,000 direct beneficiary households, as well as influence high-level policy changes throughout the Moroccan government.  The Compact is being implemented by Agence du Partenariat pour le Progrès (APP), a Moroccan public institution responsible for managing and executing MCC’s projects.  APP and MCC’s unique partnership and program are distinguished by responsible social and environmental practices, public participation, gender assessment, and a rigorous monitoring and evaluation program to ensure sustainability of program results.

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