Health Alert:  Health State of Emergency Extended until May 20

The Government of Morocco has announced that the country’s “Health State of Emergency” has been extended and will remain in effect until May 20 as part of its emergency measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.  During this period, movement during the day should be limited to work, grocery shopping, medical care, purchasing medicine/medical supplies, and emergency situations only. Train and intercity bus service has been suspended and a curfew has also been put into place.  During the 6 PM to 6 AM curfew, movement restrictions will be strictly enforced. All regularly scheduled commercial flights to and from Morocco are suspended indefinitely. 

During this time, the Consular Section of the U.S. Consulate General in Casablanca is providing emergency services only.  If you require an emergency service, please write to   

As a reminder, if you need to refill your medical prescription or obtain additional medicine or medical supplies, be advised that pharmacies in the country remain open during the day.  Pharmacies will generally accept prescriptions issued by your doctor in the United States.  To go to a pharmacy, request an “Autorisation de transports exceptionnel” (“Exceptional Transport Authorization”) from the local authorities, and carry it with you.  If you are staying in a hotel, hotel staff may be able to assist you in obtaining the medicine you need.  The pharmacy may not carry your precise U.S. medicine, but they might offer an equivalent or similar medication.    

 On March 17, 2020, the Ministry of Interior announced that foreigners who recently entered Morocco and were unable to depart the country within 90 days due to the closure of borders and airspace will be permitted to exit without a fine (when the borders and airspace reopen), even if they are not in possession of an extension to reside in the county beyond 90 days.  Similarly, the Government of Morocco will continue to honor the residency cards of foreigners that expire during this period.  At this time, the government is not processing requests for obtaining, renewing, or extending residency cards until further notice. 

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