Medical Examination

All Immigrant Visa applicants will need to have a medical examination completed by one of the designated panel physicians.  You must use one of the panel physicians.  We will not accept medical reports from any other doctors.

The medical examination will include a physical and mental health exam, chest x-ray, blood tests, and administration of any necessary vaccinations.  The medical examination should be completed one week prior to the interview to ensure that the results are ready in time for the interview.

The current cost of consultation fee for the physical exam is 400.00 Dirhams for adults and 250.00 Dirhams for children under 15 years of age.  Costs for other medical tests or vaccinations are extra and you should contact the doctors listed below for further information.

Below is the list of panel physicians used by the U.S. Consulate General in Casablanca:


Dr. Nezha El Fihri (French – Arabic – English)
38 Angle Bd. Bir Anzarane
et Rue Ibn Souraij
Tel: +212522- 99-33-35
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Dr. Janah Abdelaziz (Arabic – French)
104 Bd. Abdelmoumen, 3eme Etage, Apt: 8
Tel:  +212 522-23-01-01

Dr. Berrada Belkhayat Mounia (Arabic – French – English)
15, Rue Kadi Iass  Maarif
Tel:  +212 522-25-14-34
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