The IRC has a variety of ways of delivering information about the United States to our contacts.

This includes:

Reference Services:
The IRC Reference Specialists provides researchers and professionals with in-depth information and documents on all aspects of the United States and a  wide range of current issues. Upon request, our Reference Librarians provide specialized and topical research for you and your contacts through the many databases the IRC maintains.  Requests for research and information queries should be addressed by mail, email, fax or phone.

International Information Program Online Publications:
A wide range of publications covering primers on U.S. history, social values, culture, legal system, economy along with guides to Journalism and Media, Human Rights, and Entrepreneurship are available at the IIP Digital Web site.

Library Services at Dar America in Casablanca:
The Information Resource Center (IRC) at Dar America Casablanca offers a collection of books on American Literature, history, women studies, and current issues.  Only Library members can check out books. To become a member, you need to present 2 photos, a photocopy of Identity cards, and 60Dhs. A membership card gives you free access to internet, film shows, round table discussions and all IRC programs held at Dar America in Casablanca. The library is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 p.m., and closed during U.S. and American holidays.

Embassy Speakers Bureau Program:
Through the Embassy’s Speakers’ Program run by the Information Resource Center (IRC), the U.S. Mission in Morocco will send an American to speak to your group, school, college, university or association and allow you the chance to hear from an American first-hand on certain topics of interest. We want to acquaint you with American culture and values and allow you to meet Americans who live and work in Morocco.  For more details on this service, go to:

American Corners:
American Corners are small cultural centers located within a local partner organization, usually a library.  The joint partnership promotes cooperation and understanding between the U.S. and Morocco, using information and programs highlighting U.S. culture, history, government, and current events.  The American Corners typically host discussion groups, seminars, and meetings with U.S. and local specialists on a wide range of American-focused topics.

Under the umbrella of the Information Resource Centers (IRCs) in Rabat and Casablanca, the U.S. Mission currently has an American Corner in Marrakesh (MAC) and one in Oujda (OAC).