Aviation Security Enhancement Message for U.S. Citizens

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), in consultation with relevant Departments and Agencies, has determined it is prudent to enhance security, to include airport security procedures for passengers at certain last point of departure airports to the United States.  These enhancements include more stringent measures applied to 10 specific airports, to include Mohammed V Airport in …

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Voting Overseas in 2017

Just voted in November? Still traveling or living overseas? You should register and request your absentee ballot to vote again in 2017 to ensure your election office knows where to send your ballot for any upcoming special elections for federal office. Some states are also holding gubernatorial or other statewide elections this year. The Federal Voting Assistance …

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Casablanca Security Message

The U.S. Consulate in Casablanca, Morocco would like to remind all U.S. citizens in Morocco of the importance of maintaining a high state of personal security awareness. Due to several recent protests and demonstrations by Casablanca taxi drivers against Smartphone-based for-hire vehicle services or online ride-sharing platforms, as well as reported incidents of harassment involving taxi …

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