A statement from Ambassador David T. Fischer

Ambassador David T. Fischer

Today, President Donald Trump signed a proclamation recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara.

Morocco and Israel – two of our country’s closest allies – have also agreed to significant enhanced relations.

These are thrilling announcements that represent truly historic milestones in the already strong relationship between Morocco and the United States, built over more than two hundred years of friendship.

The rich history of relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America is unique. It is as old as America itself. As President Trump reminded the world today, Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States of America in 1777.

I want to acknowledge the far-reaching leadership of King Mohammed VI for his continuous and valuable support on issues of common interest such as peace in the Middle East, and stability, security, and development across the region and the African continent.

Today’s news is just the beginning of many important developments to come in the years ahead, as we reinforce the strategic partnership between our two nations.